Course curriculum

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    • SESSION 1: Introduction and identity

    • SESSION 2: Hearing God's Voice

    • SESSION 3: Teaching the Prophetic and Prophetic Arts

    • SESSION 4: Healing the Sick

    • Session 5: Healing Hearts

    • SESSION 6: The Supernatural, Angels, and Encounter Rooms

    • SESSION 7: Evangelism and Missions

    • SESSION 8: The Leader in Me and Spiritual Parents

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    Lesson Plans

    • Raising Kingdom Kids Lesson Book

    • Kingdom Kids Workbook

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    Bonus Resources

    • The Princess Within


    • Identity Booklet




Social proof: testimonials

Megan Junge

Children’s Ministry Director, Kalihi Union Church, Honolulu, Hawaii

“'Raising Kingdom Kids' truly accomplishes its purpose to both instruct and empower children in leadership by the enabling work of the Holy Spi rit. Michele’s training is intentional, powerful, interactive and intimate. Our children’s ministry at Kalihi Union has personally benefited from the workshops in avenues of prayer, worship and healing.”

Charis Chinen

Children’s Pastor, Moanalua Gard ens Missionary Church, Honolulu , Hawaii

“A couple of weeks after the workshop, I tried out one of the exercises with my kid’s ministry. I was unsure of how it would go, but the great thing about kids is you can just try different things! We did the Identity Mirror activity and God blew me away! The lies that God revealed to the kids were un believable. One of the 5 - year - old boys shared that the lie he believes is that he is terrible. His older sister confirmed that he says that about himself every day. After we wiped away the lie and asked 7 God to show them what the truth was, I asked that l ittle boy what God showed him. He said, "God told me that He loves me!" What a perfect truth to combat that lie!

Andrew Yasuhara

Metro Campus, Assembly of God Red Hill, Honolulu, Hawaii

I have seen the Father's heart revealed in our Family Conference (Michele was a keynote speaker and workshop speaker) and school chapels (Michele spoke at our Christian Academy cha pel on the prophetic). Michele is doing an incredible work and we are seeing heaven touch earth as we partner together!”